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Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker Review | Best Compact Ice Maker for Sale

If you are not sure about which one is the best Ice maker for your needs have a look at the Features of Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker available here. This Whynter 49 lb Portable Ice Maker is Best Countertop Ice Maker that can Produce Ice Quickly and efficiently. If you are arranging Home Parties or Gatherings, Picnic or another family outing, we need plenty of Ice. But It is quite difficult to produce the required quantity of ice using a freezer using Refrigerators available in our homes. Whynter Countertop Ice Maker is the Best Choice in that Situations. It can produce the ice for family’s demand within Just a few Minutes. This is a Perfect appliance for Household Purpose.

Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker Overview

The Whynter 49 lb Portable Ice Maker is a Best Portable Countertop Ice Maker suits for the kitchen, home bar or office. It can Produce Perfect Bullet Shaped Ice quickly and efficiently. The Built-in Reservoir Capacity of 5 Liters is able to produce 49lbs of Ice Cubes per day. Depending on the Selected cube size it can generate up to 12 ice cubes for every cycle of 10 to 15 minutes approximately. You also have the Option to choose the 3 Ice Cube Sizes (small, medium, or large) depends on your requirement in this Machine. The Extra Feature available in this Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker is that it does not require extra Drain. It can regenerate the Ice Cubes from the Melted Ice. So there will be No Water Wastage. The Price Of the Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice maker is $216.14.


The Unique Functionality of this Whynter IMC 490SS Countertop Ice Maker is it Offers Self-cleaning mode for easy maintenance. It Comes with a High efficiency CFC-free compressor, Auto-Shut off Option. And this Portable Ice Maker also does not require direct plumbing. You are able to Control and Monitor the Ice Production with the LED display and Soft-touch panel available on this Whynter Countertop Portable Ice Maker. This Digital LED Control Panel tells us when the bin is full and when water is empty. This is the best Ice Machine from which we can Make the Ice by checking the Indicators based on our consumption.

Whynter Ice Maker Machine


Whynter is one of the best Manufacturing Company in the ice chest that bring you exceptional products to make your day a little easier and a whole lot more comfortable. With the Products offered by the Whynter Company, you can enjoy the chilly evening in the backyard to sleeping soundly on a hot summer night. This company always committed offering full quality products. All Products offered by Whynter are Specially designed for portability and space utilization which allows using the Product where ever you need it. The Whynter company provides Flexibility while using products.

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Whynter 49 lb Portable Ice Maker Features

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  • Ice Production Capacity: The Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker can Produce up to 49 lbs of Ice per Day (in 24 hours).
  • Bin Storage Capacity: The Built-in Bin (Ice basket) of this Ice Maker can store up to 2.7 lbs of Ice at a time which is good Storage Capacity for parties or gatherings.
  • Time Taken to Produce Ice: It can Make 12 ice cubes for every production cycle of 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Ice Cube Sizes: The Whynter Countertop ice maker offers three Ice Cube Sizes of Small, Medium, and Large ice cubes to make. You can select one of the three ice cube sizes with the touch of a button available on the Machine depends on your requirement.
  • LED Indicators: The LED Controls on the Machine indicates when Bin is Full and When Water is Empty.
  • Reservoir Capacity: You can make lots of Ice with Built-in Reservoir Capacity of 5 liters.
  • Water Recycling System: It regenerates the Ice Cubes from Melted Ice automatically. That it does not require any drain.
  • Drain Facility: It Contains a Side mounted Drain which ensures you easy usage.
  • Contemporary Design: This Machine comes with a Stainless steel cabinet which offers you Fresh and Clean look.

Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice Maker, 49-Pound, Stainless Steel

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12 new from $238.60
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Special Features of Whynter Portable Ice Maker

  • Auto Shut-off option is available in this system to provide protection in critical situations to limit the accidental damage.
  • Removable Ice Basket ensures you easy Ice Transfer & easy Cleaning.
  • It Comes with a High efficiency CFC-free compressor.
  • LED Indicators Indicators gives you the warning when the reservoir is empty and to remove ice when the storage basket is full.
  • It is an ETL Certified Product.
  • Self Cleaning Facility is available in this Product.
  • It Contains Timer Controller which Displays remaining time when unit to turn ON or OFF.

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Specifications of Whynter IMC 490SS Countertop Ice Maker

Product Description Specifications
Brand Whynter
Model Name  IMC 490SS
Type Portable/ Countertop
Color Stainless Steel
Ice Production Cycle 10 minutes
Ice Type Nugget
Ice Cube Dimensions 17.3 x 15 x 17 inches
Type of Ice Large and Medium
Ice Producing Capacity 49 lbs
Ice Storage 2.8 lbs
Water Reservoir Capacity 5 Litres
Product Weight 38 lbs

Built-in Accessories

  • Water Reservoir.
  • Removable Ice Basket (Bin).
  • Ice Shovel (Scoop).
  • Freezing Bars.

Note: The ice basket does not keep the ice cubes frozen.

Working Temperature

The Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker can produce up to 12 ice cubes for every cycle of 10 to 15 minutes approximately when the Machine is working under the Normal Temperature. But when the the ambient temperature is lower than 59ºF, the small ice cube size is recommended to avoid ice cubes clumping together. For Better Performance, the temperature of the Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker should be between 55ºF and 85ºF and ambient temperature between 65ºF and 77ºF.

Last update was on: June 25, 2019 11:51 am


  • You must always place your Ice Machine on even and hard and level surface for Proper Functioning.
  • This product should never be used in shower rooms, bathrooms or in any other steam or wet areas.
  • During moving or positioning ensure that the appliance is not turned upside down or greater than 45° or more off level.
  • Be Sure to allow proper ventilation to prevent overheating and fire When this appliance using in confined spaces, such as closets.
  • Allow at least 5” of air space on all sides of the appliance for good air
  • Do not Place this Device on top of any other appliance.
  • This Product is Specially designed for or household, non-commercial use only. So Don’t use for Commercial Use.


  • Plug the ice maker machine into an exclusive properly installed-grounded wall outlet.
  • Do not cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord under any circumstances.
  • Make sure the power plug is placed fully and firm into the wall socket.
  • Locate the ice maker away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.
  • During installation, the power supply must not be excessively or dangerously bent or flattened.

Note: Do not install the Ice maker near an oven, radiator, or other heat sources.

Price history for Whynter IMC-490SS Portable Ice Maker, 49-Pound, Stainless Steel
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  • $237.64 - April 9, 2019
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Since: February 16, 2019
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  • Lowest Price: $227.50 - February 16, 2019
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Whynter Ice Maker Pros & Cons

  • It makes fresh ice within 10 Minutes.
  • Removable Ice Basket (Bin) ensures you easy transfer of Ice.
  • It Can produce upto 49 lbs of Ice per Day.
  • You can choose one of the 3 Ice Cube Sizes.
  • High Quality.
  • The Side Mounted Drain facility ensures you easy usage.
  • A Warranty of 1 year is available on manufacturing faults from the date of purchase.
  • The Digital Control Panel will remind you when Water is empty and when ice basket is full.
  • This Ice Maker is Easy to Install & User-Friendly. Durable.
  • Self Cleaning Facility is available.
  • The Stainless Stell  looks great with home decor.
  • It Contains Timer Controller which Displays remaining time when unit to turn ON or OFF.
  • It doesn’t Contain Lock Facility.
  • This Appliance is not Energy Star Certified.
  • It is not Noise Free, it generates pulsating or high-pitched sound while making ice.
  • No Filter Facility.
  • We can not use this Ice Machine for Outside Parties. It does not keep the ice frozen forever once it’s produced.
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    Warranty and Customer Service

    You can avail a Warranty of 12 Months or 1 year on Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker Manufacturing Faults from the date of purchase. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. You can contact the Store where the product was purchased for service within the warranty period. Product model number and proof of purchase are required for any service request.

    Customer Service: To get the Customer Assistance for any queries regarding your Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker Contact Whynter LLC through service @ or call 866-WHYNTER.


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    Warnings & Safety Measures of Whynter Ice Maker

    To avoid the Risk caused by the Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker please follow the below instructions

    • Make sure the tilted Angle of ice maker should not exceed 45˚ during transportation or use.
    • Do not turn the appliance upside down; it may result in the compressor or refrigerating system to operate incorrectly.
    • During Transportation or Movement of Ice Maker, please allow time for the fluids in the compressor to settle.
    • Please ensure that your Ice Maker must be placed on a dry and level surface to avoid malfunction.
    • Never clean appliance parts with flammable fluids.
    • To avoid the risk of shock, the product should never be used in bathrooms, shower rooms, or in any other steam or wet areas.
    • Do not fill the water reservoir with hot water. This may damage the ice maker.
    • Before maintenance or cleaning please disconnect power plug from the power outlet.
    • Under any circumstances do not cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.
    • Make sure the power plug is clean before usage.
    • Do not use multiple socket or of an extension cord as it may overheat and become a risk of fire.
    • This appliance must be installed in an area protected from the element, such as wind, rain, water spray or drips.
    • Make sure the appliance is placed on a Table where Children cannot be able to play with this product.

    Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker


    Recently I have attended a Party at my Friends Home. In that Party all of us using a lot of ice for our beverages, drinks, etc.. But suddenly I felt that where he stored that Much of Ice? because he has a Normal Fridge in his Kitchen. So I have asked him my Doubt. Then he told me that he is using the Ice Maker. I have Known the Ice Makers of various Manufacturers well but this one is Awsome. It is working continuously from the Start to the end of the Party. Becuase of My Personal interest I have Personally used this Whynter Ice Maker also. It is making plenty of Ice which meets our Guests needs. It is Pretty Cool, It is making Ice So fastly. And I also have decided to buy this Product for my next party at my home….

    Customer Review 1: Great purchase and investment!

    I have used numerous portable ice makers but all of them have died on me. So far, so good. I have no water line connected to my refrigerator and cannot see myself making ice with ice trays so this works for me. What I especially liked in this ice maker is it makes a huge quantity. So I can easily fill a zip lock bag and throw it in my freezer to use as needed. I use ice every day with my water so it’s so convenient that it keeps making ice as needed. When going to Picnics or outing I generate Ice of the required quantity and I put bags of ice in my ice cooler when traveling on the road so it’s so convenient! I just hope this ice maker will last for a long while.

    Customer Review 2: Works good for small spaces and produces lots of ice

    This Whynter IMC 490 SS Portable Ice Maker is Perfect for Using in our RV kitchen. And it is Big enough to handle our ice needs (we run this twice a day and bag the ice we make). The stainless surface looks very high end and is easy to maintain. This replaces our older smaller igloo ice maker.

    What I really like about this product:

    • Stainless steel exterior.
    • digital control panel.
    • easy to drain and clean.
    • very good production speed.

    What I wish was better:

    • The Control panel could be more responsive.
    • Interior bin is small.
    • The unit is heavy.

    It’s not only a replacement but actually an upgrade to fridge ice makers.

    8.5 Total Score
    Whynter IMC 490SS Portable Ice Maker Review

    By considering its overall features and its functionality it is user-friendly Product. What I especially liked about this product is it makes a huge quantity of Ice in very less time.If you are looking for a Portable efficient Ice machine this is the Best Ice Maker. It can replace your Old Machine in your Kitchen. Not only in kitchens you can use it in Home bars, Offices, etc..where the Product needs to be placed in less place.

    • It makes fresh ice.
    • Removable Ice Basket.
    • Ice Capacity 49 lbs.
    • High Quality.
    • It doesn’t Contain Lock Facility.
    • No Energy Star Certified.
    • It is not Noise Free.
    • No Filter Facility.
    User Rating: 3.5 (1 votes)
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