Whynter UIM155 Stainless Steel IceMaker – Get this Built-in Icemaker with along with Scoop & Bin!

Whynter UIM 155 Stainless Steel Built in Ice Maker 2023

Whynter is one of the top manufacturing companies in the electronic industry. This company is bringing out the exceptional product, which helps in doing our work easily. With the products they present, you can enjoy the best services in a discrete stream of products. All the products recommended by Whynter will have special features like space utilization, portability, etc. one of them is Whynter UIM 155 stainless steel built-in ice maker wherever you require it.

Whynter UIM-155 ice maker is a good looking ice machine that fits in any part, either in the kitchen or home bar. It is built with a smart black cabinet, which has a reversible stainless steel door. The door of the machine is sealed well to keep the inside temperature cool and intact. The unit itself is pretty minuscule and looks similar to that of a mini-refrigerator. Whynter ice maker UIM-155 built-in ice maker is a perfect solution to ice making needs in any situation virtually. This ice machine makes 12 lbs of crescent-shaped in 24 hrs and can store 6 lbs of ice.


  • Design
  • Temperature range, Compressor type and Automatic overflow protection
  • Special Features

1. Design

Type and dimensions: Whynter UIM-155 stainless steel ice maker dimensions are 18x15x25 inches. It also comes in the list of outdoor ice maker machine due to its portability. The users can use them in kitchens as well as in outdoor parties.
Stylish stainless steel door: It comes with a stylish stainless steel door and the sleek cabinet that fits in any modern kitchen and bar area. The door has a provision of the Right Hinge field with a reversible feature so users can use it according to their convenience.
Ideal for any type of location: This portable ice maker is from Whynter which is a perfect solution for making ice in any situation virtually.

2. Temperature range, Compressor type and Automatic overflow protection

This device operates at the temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 110 degrees Fahrenheit range. Based on the condenser type, ventilation technology may differ. In Whynter, the ice maker compressor is a cooling unit, which means ventilation is a must. This ice maker machine will automatically shut off and controls the overflow of ice. It helps the user to avoid manual work.

3. Special Features

Removable bins: The removable bin or container in this device holds up to 6 pounds of ice.
Installation type: We can use the Whynter cube ice maker in freestanding and built-in ways with no drain required.
User-friendly: Whynter UIM-155 ice maker is user friendly because it shut down automatically when the bin is full, which is helpful for the user.
Crescent-shaped cubes: This ice maker produces 12 lbs of crescent-shaped ice in 24 hours and can store up to 6 lbs of ice cubes.
Ice scoop: It includes an ice scoop to retrieve ice cubes.
Warranty: The Whynter Company gives a year warranty for the product.



  • Manufacturer : Whynter
  • Model : UIM-155
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 15 x 25 inches
  • Item Weight : 60 pounds
  • Daily ice production : 12 lbs
  • Storage capacity : 6 lbs
  • Volts : 120 V
  • Frequency : 60 Hz
  • Amps : 15 Amps
  • Weight : 75 lbs
  • Warranty : 1 year on parts and labor


The process of making ice is very straightforward. This Whynter UIM 155 stainless steel icemaker is included with just one button, so operation is easy by turning it on with the help of the front power switch. Despite its compact size and the smaller interior, the Whynter ice maker UIM-155 is no slouch when it comes to the production of ice. It can produce 12 lbs of ice in a day and can store up to 6 lbs of ice inside the included storage ice bin. One cycle of ice is made within 30-40 minutes. As it incorporates its freezer, so you can leave the ice in a machine as long as you wish. It produces crescent-shaped ice, which is rather soft, nice, and chewable for drinks. The ice cubes produced by this ice maker are “dry ice,” which is advantageous because the cubes won’t get stuck together in a clump.

Manual defrost

As it is not the frost-free ice maker, so you can expect some frost build-up. When the thickness of frost on inner walls is larger than ¼ inches, you need to defrost the machine manually. So defrost it for every 4-5 weeks depending on the usage.

Built-in accessories

Built-in accessories are the items that you get along with the product, and you need to use them whenever required.

  • Drain hose
  • Removable bin
  • Water supply hose
  • Scoop

Temperature of Whynter UIM-155 stainless steel built in ice maker

The normal operating temperature of ice makers should range from 45F to 110F. The ice maker’s operation outside these normal temperature ranges for extended periods may affect the production capacity. The machine will shut off automatically when the storage bin is full. At this stage, the compressor generally works to keep the temperature down to reduce ice melting.

Placement of Whynter UIM-155 ice maker

This ice maker is the rare piece that may come under both built-in and freestanding ice maker. The freestanding ice maker can be placed anywhere either outside of homes as well as inside. In some other cases, it also comes under a built-in ice maker machine. The ice maker should be placed where there is proper ventilation.

Installation instructions

Before using the ice maker:

  • Remove all the exterior and interior packing materials.
  • Check for sure that you are having all the following parts:
  • 1 ice bucket
  • 1 plastic scoop
  • 1 instruction manual
  • 25 ft. hose
  • Before connecting the device to a power source, let it stay upright for approximately 4 hours. In this way, you can reduce the possibility of a malfunction in the cooling system during transportation.
  • Clean the inner surface with Luke warm water using a soft cloth.

Installation of an icemaker

  • Place the ice maker on a hard and leveled floor. To level the ice maker, adjust the front leg of an ice maker.
  • Place the ice maker away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can affect the acrylic coating, whereas heat sources increase electrical consumption.
  • Avoid placing ice maker in humid and damp locations.
  • Plugin the ice maker to properly installed the grounded wall outlet. Under any circumstances, do not remove the third prong from the power cord.
  • This ice maker should be grounded properly for safety. This machine’s power cord is equipped with three-prong wall outlets to reduce the possibility of electrical malfunction.

Connecting to water supply

  • All the required hardware is not provided for installation, so it is better to hire a professional licensed plumber to complete the installation.
  • Connect the tubing to the nearby water supply source. Connect enough tubing to the unit so that it can be moved easily for service and cleaning. also, make sure that the tubing is not damaged or crimped during transportation
  • Position unit in a proper way to allow free air to flow through the front grill.
  • Wipe inside of the unit and ice bucket with a damp cloth.

Operating the ice maker

  • Plugin the unit into 115/120 V polarized and well-grounded wall electrical outlet.
  • Place the switch in the “ON” position.
  • Make sure that the water supply is on. As soon as the inside mechanism reaches the correct temperature, the ice maker will start to fill the mold with water.
  • The initial ice cube may be small due to air in the waterline. Later, cubes will be in standard crescent type size.
  • Approximate time for the first cycle, maybe around 30-40 minutes.
  • Each cycle takes approximately 5 OZs of water, so you need to fill the tray after 11 hours.
  • Sometimes ice cubes may appear cloudy. It may be due to the rapid freezing of the ice cube.

Care and maintenance

  • Turn off the switch, unplug ice maker, and take out the ice bucket.
  • Wash inside of ice maker with warm water and baking soda solution. The solution is about 2 tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water
  • Wash the bucket using a mild detergent solution
  • The exterior part of ice should be cleaned with water and mild detergent
  • The condenser coils need to be vacuumed when they are dirty or dusty.



Most of the doors are reversible for Whynter UIM155 Stainless Steel Ice Maker. If not, they are hinged at the left or right side.


Yes, Whynter UIM155 Stainless Steel Ice Maker requires a filter.


This depends on the frequency you use Whynter UIM155 Stainless Steel Ice Maker. Most of the time, it will not leak water.


Yes, Whynter UIM155 Stainless Steel Ice Maker stops automatically when the bin is filled with ice.


Whynter UIM-155 stainless steel built-in ice maker with stylish workhorse is amazingly easy to use and gently produces enough ice to meet the most residential requirements. If you have been grappling with high maintenance ice maker machine for years, this will make a welcome change.

Its compact size and flexible design will make it suitable to use in a wide variety of various situations, like home, small office, or even RV’ing. It runs efficiently, quiet, and very stylish.

This ice maker will suit best for people who need ice production daily and are a small-sized under-counter unit which is simple to install and operate. Compared to many under counter ice maker models, this is the great one with a better price.

Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker image

Whynter UIM-155 Ice Maker fulfills your ice making needs within minutes. It works efficiently, and the stainless steel parts of it make the unit lasts for years. Enjoy the chilled beverage with this Whynter UIM-155 Built-in ice maker. It is now available on Amazon at the best price. Check out the review above and bring this perfect machine to your home or office, or bar.


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